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The history of Soup curry.

Soup curry is born as cooking to the people in the know.
Around 1984
The arrival of the first soup curry boom.
[Sri Lanka Curry] [Indonesian] and[Indian Curry] is opening little by little.
Around 1993¸the city was dotted with curry shop about a dozen stores.
Eating of [medicined diet curry] [Sri Lanka Curry] [Indonesian diet] and [Indian curry]¸people who were affected by each store will begin curry soup.
We will now attend unanimously foodie gourmet class B as a maniac.
Around 1995¸the number of stores specializing in curry increases to 30-40 stores little by little.
Around this time¸such as using natto etc.¸highly original menu starts born.
Around 1999
Soup curry is not a B class gourmet maniac no longer . It obtained citizenship and it turned to be widely familiar.
[spicy] [emphasis flavor] [Western Wind] [system tomatoes] and [Japanese taste]¸various tastes of soup curry were created.
Not only the atmosphere of ethnic feel the Asia-store¸stores like Cafe which is bright and easy enter appears. Female guests¸families¸businessmen¸people of all ages become to enjoy the soup curry.
The first shop of COCORO was open.

Always repeat the mistake thinking from its opening¸it aims at the standard soup curry that someone not good at spicy food also can eat deliciously.
Succeeded in boldly adopt Western technology to Asian cooking techniques¸to gain some kind of universality.
Establish a style that became now using red tomato basil soup base is common.
At that time¸Article 24 of the North near restaurant opened sharply from Article 12 north.
Curry shop had obtained citizenship already accounted for the majority.
Curry shop more than 100 stores in the city was born more about it.

COCORO was Renovated.

Renovated so that it can be used more widely¸up seat¸a small rise the number of seats to be able to cater to the various needs of our customers.
You can now do the diet slowly than before whether you are visiting families¸organizations.

Curry shop business conditions and sales in over 170 stores in the city¸many stores¸franchise and delivery¸product development retort¸in the midnight zone has spread to the range.
Has evolved from those who are visiting the country and abroad to focus on Japan and curry soup¸to regional cuisine and more representative of Sapporo ramen¸and Genghis Khan.

Reference excerpt history of curry soup
(Published by Alice book reader Hokkaido soup curry Mr. Shion Kabasawa criticism spicy curry Sapporo)